Soy Love

Discover our love of Saucy Scents Hand Poured Soy Candles!

  • Stronger Fragrance
  • Easy soap and water cleanup
  • Our soy is grown on American soil
  • Burns 30% to 50% longer
  • Non-toxic & 95% less soot
  • 100% vegetable by-product
  • Burns clean and evenly

Saucy Scents Soy Candles are packed with fabulous fragrance oils that will explode throughout your house. It is important to pick the correct size jar for a room. The larger the diameter of the candle the larger a room it will fill. The tin is great for a bathroom, but the large jar is a better size for a family room.

All Saucy Scents candles are hand poured with the finest all natural soy wax.  We use cotton wicks drenched in the maximum amount of fragrance oils.  Our candles come in a large variety of scents and containers.